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Car Rental Insurance Replacement

Mr. Rent A Car is there to help yo with all your rental needs in case of collision repairs and insurance replacement periods. Whether you are using ICBC or other insurance company we can help your rent a insurance replacement vehicle very smoothly.

You can begin the process by simply filling out a form.

Additional Benefits

Insurance Replacement

Most vehicle repairs take up to two weeks. Wondering how you will get around without your vehicle? You came to the right place! Whether you are using ICBC or another insurance company we can help you rent an insurance replacement vehicle very swiftly.

Determine Who Is Paying

When filing an insurance claim, ask the adjuster about a rental. Directly billing the insurance company is available for eligible claims, or you can take advantage of our special rates if you will be paying for the rental vehicle.

Schedule Rental & Repairs

Reserve your rental on the same day you plan to drop your car at the repairer. If your car is not safe to drive, you may need a vehicle. Let us know if you need a ride to our facilities.

Extend Your Rental

Repairs can take longer than expected. Contact us to extend your rental. If an insurance company is paying, we work with the repair shop and the adjuster on extensions throughout the repair.

Repairs Complete

When your vehicle is ready, return the rental to us and we can give you a ride to the repair facility. Any billing will need to be finalized with the insurance company before we close your rental contract.

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Looking for a Courtesy Vehicle ?

Were you looking for a temporary mode of transportation because your vehicle broke down ? No more worries because Mr. Rent A Car also offers courtesy cars at attractive discounted rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

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An insurance replacement rental car is a vehicle provided to you by a rental car company when your own car is being repaired due to an accident or other covered event. Your insurance policy typically covers the cost of this rental, ensuring you have a means of transportation while your car is out of service.

To arrange for an insurance replacement rental car, contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage and obtain a claim number. Then, reach out to Mr. Rent A Car with this information, and we will assist you in selecting a suitable vehicle and processing the rental.

Coverage for rental car costs varies depending on your insurance policy. Some policies cover the full cost, while others may have limits or a daily allowance. It's best to check with your insurance provider to understand your specific coverage and any potential out-of-pocket expenses.

When renting an insurance replacement vehicle, you will need to provide your valid driver's license, a credit card for security, and the insurance claim number. Additionally, bringing your insurance policy details can help expedite the process.